A terrified Creamfields festival-goer has pulled out a will after a woman posing as a psychic told him he would die aged 33

A festival-goer has confessed she always receives terrified messages from ravers who she thinks will die pretending to be a psychic at Creamfields – one poor guy who even wrote a WILL.

Sophia Burke managed to convince festival-goers she had psychic abilities at Creamfields last year and even predicted the age at which they would die.

The 27-year-old had turned up at the Cheshire Dance Festival alone and after failing to find her friends, who had arrived days earlier, she followed a group of strangers.

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A member of the group asked Sophia to read because she gave off ‘psychic vibes’ and because her description of her personality was so accurate, she managed to convince the group of 30 that she was a ‘red-haired witch’ .

The bartender says she is still receiving terrified messages six months later from people whose deaths she predicted and one even wrote a will after informing him that it would not reach not 34 years old.

Sophia, from Dunfermline, Scotland, said: “I was at the bar and a guy approached me and said I was giving off psychic vibes because I had a crystal necklace.

“He said ‘do me, do me’ so I asked him if he had a younger brother and he said he had and I asked if he was popular at school and he said yes and he couldn’t believe how precise I was.

“Then his friend asked me to do a reading for him so I told him he wasn’t sure but he covered it up by being funny and they said it was so true.

“I said things that were true, so they were convinced I was a real psychic, but I was just coming out of the vibe that I was feeling.

“The more I did it right, I thought ‘am I psychic?’

“They asked me to go back to their tent and make their homies, so I went there and there were about 30 people sitting in a circle. As we approached, one of the guys announced that he had found a red-haired witch.

“I thought it had all gone a bit far, so I said I didn’t have my tarot cards with me. One of them said they had some playing cards, so I started telling them to pick one card each.”

A man took Sophia’s prediction that he was going to die at 33 so literally that he rushed home and had a will drawn up

The mother-of-two admits to freestyling with her readings, including a prediction that a man would make ‘earned’ money and months later reached out to tell her she was right because he had a promotion at work.

And a man took Sophia’s prediction that he was going to die at 33 so literally that he rushed home and had a will drawn up.

Sophia said: “One of them picked the eight of spades and I said the eight was for the money and the spade means you’re in the hole a bit and you’re trying to get out of it. go out, but I told him he was going to enter some money that would be won.

“Then he texted me recently to tell me he had gotten a promotion.

“A guy asked me if I knew when people were going to die, so I started saying the first number that came to mind, 63, 70.

Sophia said, “I’m not doing it for a living, I was there to dance.”

“I told a poor guy he was going to be 32 and he turned pure white so I changed him to 33.

“I thought he looked pretty young, so I thought I’d give him a few good years.

“I kept running into people and they were asking me if I was the red-haired witch and when they were going to die.”

Sophia says she is still recognized as the red-haired witch in her home town, despite being three hours away from the Cheshire-based festival.

One of the messages Sophia received from friends she made at Creamfields

Sophia said: “The rave community is quite close so I’ve had people who have come to see me at other events in Scotland saying they know me from Creamfields.

“A guy I met said I told him he was ugly when he was a kid, that’s why he has a good personality, which he said was absolutely true.

“I just said sorry and I wasn’t really a psychic.”

Some partygoers have reached out to Sophia since she asked if she could give their girlfriends a reading or let her know her predictions were correct.

Now they’re trying to convince Sophia to invest in a crystal ball to set up a tent at this year’s festival to earn some extra cash.

Sophia said: “People say I should go there this year and put up a tent to make some money.

“I won’t put up a gazebo but I will probably spend my weekend telling people I’m not a psychic.

“I don’t do this as a job. It was just a vibe I was feeling. Someone told me to bring a crystal ball but I think it would be a bit heavy.

“A lot of guys said their girlfriends would like it and asked me if I had a website.

“I keep getting messages from people saying I gave them a psychic reading. That was not my intention.

“I’m just saying I’m not a psychic and I was really drunk. I’m not doing it for a living, I was there to dance.”

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Jan G. Gilbert