Bob Marley’s son hits back at Lenny Henry’s Glastonbury Festival diversity comments

Ziggy Marley pushed back on Sir Lenny Henry’s comment on lack of diversity at Glastonbury Festival, saying we need to stop ‘looking at skin colour’

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The sun sets on the first day of Glastonbury 2022

Sir Lenny Henry’s comments about the lack of diversity at Glastonbury Festival have been denounced by Bob Marley’s son Ziggy.

The 63-year-old actor and comedian said you “wouldn’t see black people” at Worthy Farm and that he was “always surprised at the lack of black and brown faces at festivals” and that it was “still very much a thing of the mainstream culture.”

Speaking to TalkTV’s The News Desk tonight, 53-year-old musician Ziggy challenged that view.

Ziggy said, “I stopped looking at skin color. You know, I don’t really focus on that anymore. We look at humanity. We’re all human beings.”

He added : ” So I don’t really focus on people’s skin color.”

Ziggy Marley called Sir Lenny Henry



Ziggy has also expressed his excitement about performing at Glastonbury this weekend, where he will perform a full set of his father’s songs.

He said: “I mean everyone is going to be so good to get together and listen to live music, so it’s going to be a good vibe.

“The full set will be Bob Marley songs. Because we originally planned to do it, for his 75th birthday, that was a few years ago, but due to COVID, we had to reschedule it. .

“So we can achieve this dream that we had to do and it’s something very special because I won’t be doing it long after that, so hopefully people can catch it.”

Lenny Henry spoke about diversity at festivals in a recent interview


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When asked what her favorite Bob Marley song was, Ziggy said it was fluid and could change all the time.

He said: “It changes every day, it depends on the day. I really don’t have a favourite, I mean Redemption is the most emotional connection I have because it’s the song when it’s deceased.

“So there’s a strong memory of that sound during that time and he has a very emotional connection to me, so I would say that for now.”

Ziggy Marley, the son of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, will perform his father’s songs at Glastonbury



Ziggy also shared his views on whether Jamaica should become fully independent and if now is the time for the Queen to be removed from her position as head of state.

The reggae singer said: “We got independence in ’62 but we weren’t really independent because we still had a Governor General representing the Queen so it was about time.

“It’s time for Jamaica to be truly independent. It’s our freedom, our right. So it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time and now it’s finally going to happen.”

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