British Summer Time ends TONIGHT

British summer time finally ends tonight – but at least you’ll have an extra hour in bed.

To better take advantage of daylight, our clocks will be set back on the last Sunday in October.


British Summer Time finally ends tonight, so Brits are ready to sleep an extra hourCredit: Getty – Contributor

Tomorrow, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) will resume, in keeping with the phrase “advance in spring, retreat in fall.”

This means that we will all be entitled to an extra hour of sleep but at the cost of darker evenings.

Clocks go back days after the European Commission proposed scrapping BST and banning Brits from putting clocks forward in the autumn.

The crazy EU directive could spell the end of the fall sleepover on October 28th.

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said millions “believe that in future summer time should be all year round, and it will.”

The Commission proposal needs the support of all 28 national governments and MEPs to become law.

The move would mean EU countries would have to choose between adopting permanent summer or winter time, meaning Belfast would have to decide whether to align its clocks with London or Dublin.

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Jan G. Gilbert