Creamfields 2021: the aftermath of garbage at the festival

HUNDREDS of items, including tents and camping gear, were dumped in Creamfields after the Daresbury Festival ended over the bank holiday weekend.

Sleeping bags, mattresses, chairs and barbecues were also among the rubbish left behind when campers left the fields.

Waste collector and plastic-free activist Anna Lund was appalled by the mess, but not surprised.

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“I wasn’t really surprised because in the last few years there have been so many festival photos because it happened after Reading, Leeds, Glastonbury and it has become more and more normal for people to leave their tents behind which is shocking, “Anna, who moved to town from Hungary 14 years ago, said.

“I really don’t understand why people would pay the money and then decide they don’t need it anymore and take it home.

“The problem is the plastic and what’s left can’t be recycled and some parts aren’t in a reusable condition. Everything goes to landfills and they won’t decompose for hundreds and hundreds of years, or if they do decompose, they become microplastics. ”

Microplastics break down into tiny pieces and from the soil they enter the water system and then the sea. They are eaten by fish and this impacts their digestive system and can cause death.

“There is a very bad effect on the environment.”

Another angle of tents and abandoned rubbish at Creamfields

Anna, based in Great Sankey, is keen to find a solution and hopes it will be acted upon.

She continued, “If they have some kind of donation station at the end of the festival, people can hopefully donate it if they don’t want to take it home. You then rely on people. that they will hopefully do the right thing. ”

Anna also came up with ideas like assigning numbers to campers and holding them accountable for a possible fine for leaving garbage behind. Or, festival goers pay an initial deposit for the tent space and they can get it back after the event if they leave their seats in order.

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Alternatively, she also suggests that if visitors aren’t planning on removing the tents, they could donate for cleanup to help ameliorate the after effects of Creamfields.

MP Andy Carter posted to Facebook in the wake of the garbage photo, saying he was grateful for the constructive comments from residents of Stretton, Hatton and Walton.

He said: “I have agreed to hold a Creamfields debriefing in the coming weeks with the organizers, councilors, parish councils and residents. .UK.”

Jan G. Gilbert