Creamfields announces new festival in Thailand – News

UK-founded dance music festival Creamfields has just teased its expansion into Thailand.

Creamfields Thailand pages started appearing on several social media platforms on Sunday March 13, with the phrase “Coming Soon” and contact details that indicate Pattaya is posted on various social media channels.

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Pattaya is where most festivals like to land, including Wonderfruit which has yet to make an announcement.

As explained by Mixmag Asia, nothing else is currently known – not even a date. However, companies involved in hosting Creamfields Thailand events include Live Nation, One Asia Ventures and Clubbing In Asia – according to a row of company logos on teaser images.

It wouldn’t be Creamfields’ first foray into Asia either, having hosted events in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China before the pandemic hit.

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International headliners like Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and others have performed at Asian Creamfields festivals in the past, alongside regional talents like RayRay, KhoMa and others.

As explained in NMESince the start of the pandemic in March 2020, other Thai music festivals, such as Wonderfruit, Maho Rasop and S2O Songkran, have yet to declare their return.

S2O Songkran originally stated in March 2021 that a festival would be held in April 2022, but no further updates or announcements were made afterward.

The UK-based festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, with its first event held in 1998 in Winchester. He later moved to Liverpool and is currently being held at Daresbury Estate in Cheshire.

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