Creamfields festival goer arrested by police with ‘deadly’ blue Tesla pills on him

Creamfields Police have arrested someone for attempting to smuggle blue Tesla MDMA pills into the festival.

Officers previously issued a warning about the potentially deadly batch of ecstasy pills ahead of the Bank Holiday electronic music event.

Yesterday, on the first day of the festival, Cheshire Police confirmed they arrested a suspect for attempting to smuggle the ‘dangerous’ pills into the festival site, Daresbury.

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A Creamfields Cops account officer said: “We have just arrested a suspect for attempting to smuggle the ‘Tesla – MDMA’ pills we warned about earlier this week onto the site.

“Please pay close attention to anything offered to you and if you begin to feel unwell, seek first aid immediately on site.”

Dubbed “Blue Tesla” after the electric car maker, the pill is a deadly cocktail of MDMA and cocaine that has been found in locations across London and Bristol.

However, police revealed he has now been found at events in the North West, including Creamfields.

A 21-year-old died after taking ecstasy pills at a Tottenham club in north London and the pill was linked to another death in Bristol in July.

A Cheshire Police spokesperson said: “We have been alerted to dangerous MDMA tablets, believed to be responsible for two deaths in the UK.

“Please remain vigilant and report to security if they see any of these at the event.

“You will not be judged if you or your friends are not feeling well, so please always ask for help if you need it.”

Jan G. Gilbert