Creamfields festival-goers have issued a new warning as police seize a dangerous drug linked to two deaths

Police have repeated a warning about a dangerous version of ecstasy after seizing tablets called ‘Blue Tesla’ on the first day of the Creamfields music festival in Cheshire.

The four-day festival starts today (Thursday) and will see music fans return to Daresbury after being canceled last year due to coronavirus.

Last month, Cheshire Police issued a warning over super-fast MDMA tablets which were linked to two deaths earlier this year.

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Dubbed “Blue Tesla” after the electric car maker, the pill is a deadly cocktail of MDMA and cocaine that has been found in venues across London and Bristol, and could be circulating at festivals across the country.

A 21-year-old died after taking ecstasy pills at a Tottenham club in north London and, with the final festivals of the summer season taking place at the end of the month, health officials and the police are keen to warn people about drugs.

A warning issued last month by police about ‘blue Tesla’ ecstasy ahead of the Creamfields music festival in Cheshire

A ‘Creamfields Cops’ Twitter page run by Cheshire Police has now repeated its warning following the seizure of some Tesla pills today.

It read: “We have just arrested a suspect for attempting to smuggle the ‘Tesla – MDMA’ pills we warned about earlier this week onto the site.

“Please pay close attention to anything offered to you and if you begin to feel unwell, seek first aid immediately on site.”

Narcotics amnesty bins have been placed at the entrance to the site.

Creamfields tweeted: “Don’t be a drug pig: Taking more drugs too quickly and mixing substances increases all risks. The main factors for overdose are taking large amounts, rapidly re-dosing, combining different drugs or taking drugs with alcohol. #Don’tRiskIt#RaveSafe.”

In its first warning, the force said: “We have been alerted to dangerous MDMA tablets, believed to be responsible for two deaths in the UK.

Creamfields runs August 26-29

“If you see one like the one pictured below at the event, report it to security.

“You will never be judged if you/your friend(s) are not feeling well, so please always ask for help if you need it.”

The festival is making a comeback after being postponed last year due to Covid.

The dangers of drug use at festivals are made clear by officials, fearing that some people will get carried away.

It is the first major music festival Cheshire will host since before the first lockdown.

At the 2019 event, a 19-year-old boy from Warrington died after falling ill at the event.

A Creamfields spokesperson previously said: “There are extra strength MDMA pills in circulation. If you feel hot, develop a rapid heartbeat, or have an unresponsive friend, please ask a member of staff for assistance as soon as possible.

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Jan G. Gilbert