Creamfields North unveils designs for new Runway stage structure

Creamfields Reveals Plans For Huge New Outdoor Stage Structure For North Edition

Presented by shein and designed by Lucid, Northern Cream Fields step up their game even further with the addition of a brand new outdoor stage structure with a capacity of 20,000 seats: Track.

After a huge start South Creamfields to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the festival, all eyes are on the main edition, Creamfields North as it is now known, to return in full force at the end of next month. With big plans up their sleeves to continue to amaze revelers and avid ticket holders, Creamfields North have unveiled their design plans for Runway, which is sure to be a fan-favorite new stage addition.

It is a new exterior structure, adding to the beloved Bow and Horizon exterior scenes and all interior scenes such as steel yard. Runway will seat 20,000 people at its maximum capacity, and the designs are amazing to say the least. With a huge lighting platform and an LED screen running straight through the middle (looking, as the name suggests, exactly like a track) above the crowd, they also unveiled who will be performing there on big weekend.

On Friday August 26, the first official day of the festival for non-campers, Heaven will take control of the stage by bringing in personalities such as Jamie Jones, Locomotive dice, Alan Fitzpatrick B2B richy ahmed, Sosa and Alisha. On Saturday August 27, Runway will host Patrick Garnishit is Roundwith sets by man himself and also Shout, Ben Hemsley and many more. On the last day, Sunday August 28, Michael Bibi, Seth Troxler, Hot since 82, pawsa and others climb the bridges with Solid grooves.

With Lucid designing and creating the stage and visuals and popular clothing site Shein featuring it, we can’t wait to see what it will look like in person. For now, check out the concept images below and explore the full lineup of Creamfields North via the website.

Image credit: provided by Creamfields / press

Jan G. Gilbert