Creamfields South: 16 people arrested at Creamfields South festival on suspicion of drugs, theft, sexual assault and assault

A total of 16 people were arrested at the Creamfields South festival over the weekend. Thousands descended on Chelmsford’s Hyland’s Park for the well-known annual festival.

On the site of the former V-Festival site, Creamfields brought the music and party vibe to town to kick off the summer. Huge artists such as Fatboy Slim, Becky Hill and more have all made their way to Hylands Park to bring the party to Essex.

Creamfields regularly hosts a major electronic music festival in Liverpool, but this year, to celebrate the event’s 25th anniversary, organizers created Creamfields South, which ran throughout the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. But during the event, Essex Police confirmed 16 people were arrested for various drug, robbery, sexual assault and assault offences.

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Prior to the festival, Essex Police worked closely with the organisers, Festival Republic, and our key partners Chelmsford City Council, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, UK Police Transport and the East of England Ambulance Service. The force’s policing plans included intelligence checks to disrupt drug activity and disorder, highway policing operations to combat drunk driving and alcohol, and officers at the outside to address any anti-social behavior or welfare concerns.

While Festival Republic was responsible for the safety and security of the festival, the police also set up a small center in the venue to allow officers to detain violators ahead of any demand for them to be taken to a police suite. jail. It was used several times during the four-day event, with 16 people arrested in total.

These people were arrested on suspicion of drug offences, theft, public order offences, sexual assault and assault. Superintendent Nick Morris said: “Our policing for the festival has been a success this year with only a small number of crimes reported to us.

“These were mostly drug offences, with the majority of people well behaved, in good spirits and enjoying the performances presented. I would like to thank my officers and staff for the hard work and dedication they put in demonstrated to make our policing plans a success. I would also like to commend our partners and Festival Republic for helping to keep this festival safe.

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Jan G. Gilbert