Creamfields Trust provides St Matthews Primary School with £6,400

A STRETTON primary school has received £6,400 to go towards a new music program thanks to Creamfields Trust after the Daresbury Festival.

The funding provided to St Matthew’s Primary School, based in Stretton, will support the purchase of various instruments and a new KS2 music program which will be provided by Accent Music Hub as well as Charanga Muscianship skills sessions for KS1 pupils.

It will also include a series of projects with four hours of instruction per week.

Principal of St Matthews Primary School, Jo Costello, said: “Music helps to connect pupils to the wider life of the school.

“The Creamfields Trust donation paid for bespoke musical enrichment to enhance our music programme.

“Every child in KS2 now has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and that instrument will stay with them for three years. More children will benefit from a combination of classroom instruction, instrument lessons and singing, opportunities to play in ensembles and the chance to learn from professionals.

Students at school with the check for £6,400

“Instruments include clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin and recorder. It’s wonderful to hear the sound of music emulating through the building every afternoon.

“When young people make music together, they are working towards a common goal that has the potential to profoundly change lives for the better.”

Stretton Parish Council has received a £1,200 donation to purchase a new community defibrillator.

A spokesperson said: ‘We are very grateful to Creamfields for the donation of a portable defibrillator. This equipment has proven to be crucial to local communities and thanks to this generous donation we will soon have one available 24/7 in the commercial units of Walnut Tree Farm, Northwich Road, Lower Stretton, taking into loads the defibs already available within Stretton.

Other causes to receive support include Sandymoor Ormistin Academy, which received a £3,300 donation to purchase several brass and woodwind instruments to be used for whole class lessons at KS3, with the aim of increase the number of students taking 1-2-1 courses. and build towards the development of a school orchestra.

Sandymoor Parish Council is also receiving £300 for a new communication system for council meetings.

Jan G. Gilbert