Dealer caught with range of drugs at Creamfields is jailed

A YOUNG man who walked into a music festival with a range of illegal drugs has been locked up.

Lawson Fisher was caught walking into Creamfields in Daresbury last summer with a selection of Class A and B drugs.

Due to a number of drug possession and supply cases each year, the police use a number of measures to suppress those who attempt to smuggle drugs inside.

This includes dozens of warning signs leading to the entrance, amnesty bins and sniffer dogs – all of which were ignored by the 23-year-old.

Fisher was sentenced at Chester Crown Court on Thursday after being found guilty of possession with intent to supply MDMA, ketamine and amphetamine.

Prosecuting Suzanne Payne explained how the defendant attended the festival on August 26 last year – the first day of the four-day festival.

But he was caught by the police in possession of the illegal substances and accused of intending to supply them to others.

The judges have previously spoken of the ‘enormous drain’ the drugs police at Creamfields are having on the taxpayers of Cheshire.

More than 150 officers attend the festival on each of the four days it holds to crack down on illegal activities.

A judge said: “It’s quite an operation to try to solve this problem.

“Those who get involved in class A drug trafficking at this festival should understand that if caught, they will face significant penalties.

“In recent years, people have lost their lives at the festival and suffered serious injuries from taking class A drugs.”

Fisher, of Roedale Road in Brighton, was sentenced by Judge Simon Berkson to 28 months in jail.

An order was also approved for the confiscation and destruction of the drugs and his cell phone confiscated by the police.

Jan G. Gilbert