Drug dealer jailed after bringing MDMA to Creamfields

A ‘clever’ drug dealer who tried to smuggle MDMA into the Creamfields Music Festival has been jailed.

Last August, Joshua Hesketh handed over more than 30 MDMA tablets after being taken to the Daresbury Festival search tent.

He claimed these were for personal use, but was convicted of possession of MDMA with intent to supply after trial.

The 24-year-old appeared at Chester Crown Court last Thursday for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Jayne Morris said the offense happened on August 28, 2021, which was Creamfields Saturday – for which the accused had a day ticket.

At around 5.30pm, Hesketh, from Blackpool, was taken to a search tent.

Here he handed over a packet of tablets, MDMA, a small amount of cocaine and £150 in cash.

Ms Morris said this was despite various warnings on posters and even her ticket – as well as amnesty bins.

Hesketh was later arrested and taken to Runcorn Custody Suite where he denied intending to sell and said the tablets were for his personal use.

But it was later determined by professionals that this quantity of tablets would not be reasonable for a single day ticket.

The court heard how Hesketh had previously been convicted of two offences.

A community impact statement on Creamfields said the festival causes disruption, particularly noise and traffic, but drug issues are the biggest concern.

Defending Oliver King said Hesketh spent a month in custody in September, which was an “eye-opener” and “horrible” experience for him.

Mr King said that since the offense the defendant has distanced himself from his peers who he says caused him to take drugs and that he has not taken any since.

The court heard that a report on the defendant said: “At this age, young men are still relatively immature and do not tend to make sensible decisions.

After the offence, Hesketh lost his job but has since been able to find new employment.

Mr King said: “A short period of detention would probably do him more harm than good.

“If he is taken into custody, he will go back to square one and lose his job again.”

At sentencing, recorder Michael Blakey said: ‘It looks like you’re an able-bodied member of the community, but your downfall is your drug use.

“I have been asked to consider suspending your custodial sentence – unfortunately I cannot.

“The message must be sent to those who sell drugs. If you sell drugs, you will lose your freedom and go to jail.

Hesketh was imprisoned for two years and six months.

Jan G. Gilbert