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A group of passionate festival goers will help fight camping litter at this year’s Creamfields Festival.

Shocking photos of dump-like post-festival campsites have been reported for some time with dozens of abandoned tents and piles of rubbish strewn across green fields as festival-goers return home.

With the problematic misunderstanding that abandoned tents go to charity (only a tiny fraction do), campers often leave everything where they pitched it – without even thinking about it, but the impact on the environment is devastating. .

After seeing enough, The Eco Warriorz was created – a voluntary organization that aims to tackle the problem at its source.

The upcoming Creamfields Festival at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex, over Jubilee weekend (June 3-4), will see the Eco Warriorz in their green outfits and ready for action.

The concept is simple: tackle camping waste by rewarding and encouraging campers to participate in fun green initiatives with prizes, eco-rewards and exclusive festival perks, such as backstage passes and VIP experiences.

The creative team walks through campsites and offers incentives to campers who pledge to take their tents home and play games to help festival attendees separate recycling from trash.

The Eco Warriorz are recruiting more volunteers to join them this year and say it’s a great way to take environmental action while having fun.

To help out for just a few hours a day, you get a free festival ticket and get a full meal each day plus other ‘perks’.

Organizer Liz Pendleton said: “It’s a fun way to tackle a serious issue and most people are really receptive to the concept. Behavior change doesn’t have to be boring and it works!

“We return to the same festivals, like Boomtown, year after year and see a measurable improvement as people learn more about the problem – and they see how easy and enjoyable it is to leave a clean campsite.”

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Jan G. Gilbert