First Glastonbury Festival weather forecast according to the Met Office

The Glastonbury Festival is coming this month and one of the best ways to get your outfits ready and ensure you have everything you need at the music festival is to check the weather.

Traditionally, Glastonbury Festival is known to be quite rainy and muddy. 1997, in particular, became the “year of mud”.

This year, the music festival begins on Wednesday June 22 and ends on Sunday June 26. If you managed to secure a festival ticket this year, you’re probably getting ready for the big event.

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But what is the weather forecast for Glastonbury Fest 2022? Here’s what we know so far.

What is the weather forecast for Glastonbury Festival 2022?

According to the Met UK’s long-term weather forecast, festival-goers can expect temperatures to be warmer as they are expected to be a little “above average” at the start. Western regions of the country are more likely to experience drier weather.

At the time of writing, the MET Office website states that “In the latter part of June the UK may be under the influence of slightly higher south-westerly pressure, with a chance of above average precipitation for the time of year. He adds that there may be warmer sunny spells in the early days of the festival.

However, in late June and early July, the country “may be under the influence of slightly higher pressure towards the southwest, with a possibility of above-average rainfall for the time of year.”

Of course, as with all UK weather, this can change unpredictably at the last minute and even the MET Office note at the time of writing that ‘confidence for this period is low’. However, based on what’s been shared so far, if you’re heading to the festival this year, it might be worth bringing a mix of warmer outfits and light rain gear, just in case.

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Jan G. Gilbert