George Ezra plays a secret set at Glastonbury Festival

GEORGE Ezra brought an uplifting collection of songs from his three number one albums to his not-so-secret Glastonbury Festival this afternoon.

The stage turned into a mountain range following Sports Team’s performance and Ezra, 29, was joined on stage by seven band members.

He was dressed in black jeans and boots and a blue denim jacket that was named after his latest album child of the gold rush emblazoned on the reverse in bold yellow text.

He kicked off his set with “Anyone for You (Tiger Lily)” and “Cassy O” before addressing John Peel’s packed tent for the first time.

“Glastonbury!” he exclaimed. “It’s amazing to see so many of you here, it means a lot to me. If you know the words please join us, we are in the same boat I believe.

“I’m George Ezra, and this is my lovely group.”

After admitting to being jealous to see his friends having fun at the festival throughout the weekend, he promised to provide a party-friendly set of his trio of hit albums, Wanted while traveling, Stay with Tamaraand child of the gold rush.

Ezra’s bass-baritone voice shone in “Pretty Shining People” and “Listen to the Man,” made particularly impressive given his recent withdrawal from a festival in Denmark due to a “nasty bout of laryngitis.” “.

Ezra then thought back to his previous appearance on the John Peel scene eight years ago after the release of his debut album which topped one million sales in its first year.

He continued: “We got a call asking if we would be doing a secret set and said ‘sure, but can we let them know at some point? I don’t want it to be a total secret! »

Between playing ‘Barcelona’ and ‘Hold My Girl’, he told the audience: “It sounds like a good Sunday mood, so we’ll stay here for a second.”

Another highlight of Ezra’s audience engagement between songs was when he spoke to a young boy sitting on his father’s shoulders carrying a sign that read, “My name’s Thomas, say hello?” , earning a huge cheer and showcasing his affable character. .

An energetic performance of “All My Love” featured a well-received trumpet solo before he sang the recent chart-topping “Green Green Grass.”

The second single from her latest album was written after witnessing a beautiful “celebration of three lives” in Saint Lucia and included a lyric about hosting a “day I die party” which was notably absent from her set outside Buckingham Palace. for the Platinum Jubilee.

The crowd was at the top of their voices and applauded enthusiastically during “Paradise” before he finished his sublime set with “Blame It On Me”, “Budapest” and the invariable “Shotgun”, putting his saxophonist and horns under the projectors. .

George Ezra’s Glastonbury 2022 setlist:

Anyone For You (Tiger Lily)

Cassy O’

Pretty bright people

Listen man


hold my girl

All my Love

Green green grass


blame it on me



Jan G. Gilbert