Glastonbury Festival 2022 bar crawl – a guided tour of the site’s top 10 bars

Are you going to the Glastonbury Festival this year? Don’t know what to do on Wednesday or Thursday before the music starts?

Join us as you tackle the unofficial Glastonbury Bar Crawl, discovering the ten best bars Worthy Farm has to offer. There is also a bonus bar for particularly intrepid bots.

Twisting and snaking through the 1,100-acre festival, from near the Pyramid Stage to the top of the park grounds, this crawl will take you to every corner of the sprawling metropolis faster than you can say “a another cider please”. Check out our Glastonbury Festival 2022 pub crawl below.

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1 – San Remo

San Remo poster for Glastonbury Festival 2022

Here we begin our journey into a brand new addition to the festival in 2022. San Remo takes the place of the Beat Hotel, which has become a key part of the festival in recent years.

The new venue will be located in the same location as The Beat Hotel, between the Pyramid Stage and the John Peel Stage, and will be run by the same people, but will bring a whole new vibe. San Remo will have a Mexican flavor, with its line-up poster adorned with a cactus and a skull.

It will host a wide array of DJs over the weekend, including Jon Hopkins and Haai. Its line-up poster also promises “billiards” – although it’s not entirely clear if revelers will need to bring pool cues or armbands, and we won’t know until we get there!

2 – The cider bus

The Cider Bus is a favorite among Glastonbury enthusiasts
The Cider Bus is a favorite among Glastonbury enthusiasts

After a gentle stroll past the famous Pyramid Stage, our next stop is the equally famous Cider Bus. Having sold apple merchandise from the Burrow Hill orchards to the festival since 1970, the bus has become a favorite among festival-goers.

You can hear and almost see the Pyramid Stage from the bar, so grab a pint of traditional Somerset scrumpy or a hot mulled cider and enjoy the bustling, bustling surroundings of this festival landmark.

3 – The elephant bar

Next stop is the eye-catching Elephant Bar, which is located among the market stalls not far from the Cider Bus. This bar was brand new in 2019 and has proven to be a popular addition among revelers.

You can’t miss it, as two giant elephants stand guard, while refreshing craft beer and DJs await those who venture inside. It serves a range of world and European craft beers, including beers from Brooklyn New York and London Fields.

4 – The Cockmill Bar

Glastonbury Festival's Cockmill Bar is a great real ale bar with a warm and cozy atmosphere
Glastonbury Festival’s Cockmill Bar is a great real ale bar with a warm and cozy atmosphere

Then venture a little further into the festival market area, past the giant tower of William’s Green, and turn left into Acoustic Field to find our next stop – Cockmill Bar. A great real ale bar, with a warm and cozy atmosphere, The Cockmill is a rustic, traditional bar, filled with cozy cosiness.

Choose from a large section of beers and settle into one of the wooden cabins inside the tent, or stroll outside for panoramic views of the site. For the 2019 festival, the Cockmill offered a selection of twelve beers, including three local Somerset beers.

5 – The faucet

Then, if we zigzag back through the market area to left field, we’ll find The Taphouse, another bar that was brand new for 2019. The bar brings great beer and great music to the heart of the festival.

The Taphouse is made from recycled wood panels and steel decor, with plantings throughout and industrial-style lighting. It offers a thirst-quenching range of craft beers on tap and real ales straight from the tap, and you can grab a massive four-pint jug if you’re thirsty enough!

6 – The Bar of the Brothers

The Brothers Bar at Glastonbury Festival
The Brothers Bar at Glastonbury Festival

Still feeling a little tipsy? We are now halfway through our crawl, but we continue, taking a left at Leftfield, and heading towards the West Holts field where we will find the Brothers Bar. An exceptionally busy bar, with a choice of many varieties of fruity perries, including toffee apple and rhubarb and custard flavors.

The Brothers Bar always blasts music from its huge speakers on the Wednesday and Thursday of the festival. Lay out on the grass among the large waving flags (if it’s dry) and enjoy the eclectic atmosphere of the West Holts ground, but beware, impromptu parties break out at Brothers Bar!

7 – Avalon Inn

The Avalon Inn at Glastonbury Festival
The Avalon Inn at Glastonbury Festival

We continue through Cabaret Field to the Field of Avalon, where we will find the Avalon Inn. This is perhaps the most eye-catching bar at the festival.

This huge wooden structure has two floors, and lots of character, with huge wooden beams. Grab a drink and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the Medieval Avalon Inn and bustling Avalon Field.

8 – The Peak

The Spike - one of the hidden gems of Glastonbury Festival
The Spike – one of the hidden gems of Glastonbury Festival

We continue, out of the Avalon field and straight down the old railroad to the clearing. Here we will find one of Glastonbury’s hidden gems – The Spike.

Nestled high in the trees, this treehouse-like structure is a great shaded spot to relax with a drink in hand. Created on several interconnected levels, The Spike also often hosts DJ sets and live bands.

9 – Bible Inn

The colorful Bimble Inn at Glastonbury Festival
The colorful Bimble Inn at Glastonbury Festival

Now, as we near the end of our exploration, we continue west along the old railroad and then up the hill to the park grounds, where we will find The Bimble Inn. This funky, solar-powered bar and stage is housed inside a giant teepee and decorated with colored curtains and lit with strands of LED string lights at night.

Famous for its cocktails, The Bimble Inn also offers coffee tables and rugs where revelers can stretch out and enjoy the live music. Its main trucks also run on waste vegetable oil and biodiesel, making the bar carbon neutral, while drinks are served in biodegradable corn cups.

10 – The rabbit hole

We’re almost there, and we may have saved the shortest leg of our trip to the end, as it’s only a short hop through park terrain to The Rabbit Hole. Shrouded in intrigue, The Rabbit Hole is an “Alice in Wonderland” themed bar open to everyone, but there’s a world inside where weird and wonderful things happen.

Follow the maze of tunnels to a secret bar in the back. The perfect way to end your trip!

The Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury Festival is shrouded in intrigue - a place where weird and wonderful things happen
The Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury Festival is shrouded in intrigue – a place where weird and wonderful things happen

If you still have effective use of your legs at this point why not continue up the hill from The Rabbit Hole past the Ribbon Tower to the famous GLASTONBURY sign on the hill. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire festival site.

BONUS BAR (if you can find it) – The Secret Underground Piano Bar

Revelers gather near Stone Circle at Glastonbury Festival
Revelers gather near Stone Circle at Glastonbury Festival

You want more? I know it.

It’s the stuff of Glastonbury legend – a hidden underground bar that doesn’t appear on any official map or guidebook, where well-known artists are known to show up for surprise sets. Michael Eavis called it his favorite part of the Glastonbury Festival, and Metallica’s James Hetfield and Hollywood star Bradley Cooper checked it out on the BBC.

It’s called The Secret Underground Piano Bar and is built from a large hole in the ground, topped with a wooden frame covered with grass. Inside, you’ll find a small, candle-lit amphitheater with a small stage and a piano.

It is known to be a celebrity hangout and has hosted secret special guest performances by some star artists. It can be found hidden somewhere around the Stone Circle area towards the southeast of the site. But where? It would be revealing.

Learn more about The Secret Underground Piano Bar here.

Jan G. Gilbert