Glastonbury Festival: A man in a dress, hat and blonde wig uses a woman’s ticket in blag | United Kingdom | New

His attempt to sneak into the festival involved dressing as a woman in order to use the ticket. He arrived in Wiltshire wearing a blonde wig and robe, with a floppy sun hat and sunglasses to try and hide his facial features.

He also wore makeup, with pink lipstick and rouge dabbed on his flushed cheeks.

The unnamed man was pictured on social media as onlookers at the event revealed he showed up with a women’s ticket and needed to cheat security to gain access to the biggest festival in UK music.

As per festival guidelines, ticket holders must show photo ID to gain entry to the event, so the quick thinker dons women’s clothing to try and match the ticket holder’s ID. ticket.

Twitter user @LoriHartx first shared details of the youngster’s daring attempt, writing: “Day one of Glasto and a scouse boy came up to me with a wig and dress because he had a ticket for a woman.”

She then posted a video showing the man wearing a blonde wig, dress and sunglasses as part of his disguise.

The video has since had over 162,000 views, and many social media users have been left behind by this inventive approach.

One user wrote: “I want to see the photo on the ticket to see the likeness so he can get in.”

Another added: “Hands down the best blag I’ve seen to date.”

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A third user wrote: “Exceptional effort.

Many were desperate to find out if his disguise managed to fool security guards, but Lori revealed she lost the man in the queue and couldn’t confirm if he made it in the event.

However, another social media user managed to snap a photo of him sitting on the ground still wearing his wig, suggesting he had made it to the event.

The official Glastonbury Festival website states that “all festival tickets are individually personalized for the named ticket holder and are strictly non-transferable”. Security checks are carried out upon arrival, and only the specified ticket holder will be admitted to the Festival”.

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As photo ID is required to gain entry to the sold-out event, it’s no surprise the daring youngster went as far as he did.

The Glastonbury Festival kicked off on June 22 and this year marks its 50th anniversary after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Festival-goers will see Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar headline the famous Pyramid Stage.

Jan G. Gilbert