Glastonbury Festival helps music lovers quit smoking with Riot Rehab Bus

Glastonbury Festival music lovers have the chance to receive help from the Riot Rehab bus to quit smoking as the UK hopes to become smoke-free.

The company, Riot Labs, traveled to Worthy Farm with a wide variety of its products aboard a double-decker bus as fans enjoy Sam Fender, the Sugababes, Diana Ross and Billie Eilish.

Over the weekend, more than 200,000 music fans flocked to the world’s biggest festival to let off steam.

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As the UK continues its efforts to become smoke-free by 2030, Riot Labs was keen to help.

Glastonbury music lovers get help to quit smoking

Punters could get their hands on a variety of products, including e-liquids for disposable e-cigarettes, aptly named Riot Bars, while getting professional help on the RIOT 4-Step Quit Smoking Plan.

Riot Labs Founder and CEO Ben Johnson said, “The days of boring quit smoking campaigns are over. of triggers that get you fired up.

Fans are often seen smoking at the world's biggest festival
Fans are often seen smoking at the world’s biggest festival

“The Riot Rehab bus has had a huge reaction as the festivals we’ve parked at so far this summer, and that doesn’t get much bigger than arriving in Glastonbury this weekend where we expect to help thousands of people to start their journey to quit smoking.”

Boris Johnson’s Cabinet last week unveiled plans to make the UK smoke-free as e-cigarettes received backing from the NHS as a key tool to help people quit smoking.

But this isn’t the first festival Riot Rehab Bus is attending this summer, having previously played Cambridge Club and Strawberries & Creem.

UK hopes to become smoke-free by 2030
UK hopes to become smoke-free by 2030

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Although most wish they could handle so many festivals, after Glastonbury they will lead the posh Henley Regatta.

To help people kick the habit, Riot Lab has created its own acronym with some handy tips.

  • ‘R’ – Tear the rulebook

    Do not be afraid and forget everything you have ever heard about quitting smoking. Go at your own pace and on your own terms.

  • ‘I’ – Identify your triggers

    What makes you want to smoke a cigarette? Be brave and face your triggers head-on. If you can get through them without smoking, you can get through anything.

  • ‘O’ – Smoke only if you need to
    Reduce your cigarette consumption and use your Riot Bar whenever you cannot smoke. Without you realizing it, your cigarette smoking will dwindle to next to nothing – or better yet, stop altogether.

  • ‘T’ – The rest is easy
    Once you’ve managed to deal with your triggers without smoking and cut back on your cigarette intake, you’ll find the rest is easy. It’s not over at all, but the worst is over and you’re well on your way to quitting smoking. Go celebrate, treat yourself, try something new, or do something you’ve never done before.

To celebrate the best festival in the world, Riot Lab is offering you 30% off its Riot Bar. Use code GLASTO on their website, here.

**You must be 18 or older to use their website. e-cigarettes contain nicotine.**


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