Glastonbury Festival: Mum brings in seven-week-old ‘youngest baby’

A mum who took her seven-week-old baby to the Glastonbury Festival has expressed her gratitude to attendees who helped her have an unforgettable weekend.

Jenny Dudfield, who is from Street and works for the NHS, originally bought tickets for Glastonbury 2020, which was canceled due to Covid.

She has since had two children including Wilfie, who turned seven weeks old during the festival.

When they arrived on Thursday afternoon (June 23), she said the marshals were carrying out an “unofficial investigation” suggesting Wilfie was the youngest baby at the two-week festival.Jenny and Wilfie in front of the iconic Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival.

“I’ve been going there for almost 25 years, so there was no way I was going to miss it,” Jenny said.

“We’ve had our tickets for two and a half years, and they’ve been cancelled. I had two children since I got the tickets!

“I took the baby, not the toddler, and went with my usual group of friends who I go with.”

Although she was nervous about bringing Wilfie to Worthy Farm, she said the experience was “much easier than expected” due to the kindness of the festival-goers and volunteers.

A caring music fan offered to help Jenny carry her bags to the parking lot, while the army of festival helpers kept the restrooms clean and provided family-friendly entertainment and camping.

“People were so friendly and helpful,” Jenny said.

“As soon as people saw I had a baby, they would help me out as much as they could and walk away in the crowd, and things like that.

“People were telling me about it all the time. It was really cool, and everyone was really lovely.

“I was scared to take it and I thought, ‘I’ll see how it goes.’ If it didn’t work out, I could just go home. It was better than expected.”

She added: “My friends I camped with were really great, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

The 2022 Glastonbury Festival headlined with Billie Eilish, Sir Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar.

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Jan G. Gilbert