Going to Creamfields? Cops say attendees can’t drink — or dance.

If you see thousands of people motionless as electronic music blares in a field outside Pattaya, you can thank the Chonburi Police Department.

Attendees ready to dance at the EDM Creamfields Thailand festival, set to start tomorrow in Pattaya, received a last-minute warning from city police today that they will not be able to drink alcohol or dance in the area of ​​the event.

Chonburi authorities announced that the two-day dance festival should refrain from selling or consuming alcohol, not dancing in the festival area due to the current COVID situation.

While the former may not be a deciding factor – alcohol isn’t really the drug of choice for such a crowd – a ban on dancing at a dance festival seems paradoxical.

The announcement came as a surprise, given that it was released hours before the festival opened at Nongnooch Garden in Pattaya.

Difficulties have surrounded the EDM festival since its announcement in March. The festival, a Thai spin-off of the famous British festival Creamfields, disappointed many with its rather weak line-up.

Many EDM enthusiasts said that the threadbare lineup of international DJs had performed in Thailand several times before and complained that they expected more global DJs worthy of the Creamfields brand. Others rolled their eyes at the fact that half the lineup was made up of local acts.

Organizers have not publicly responded to the criticism.

One of the international headliners, Fedde Le Grand, tested positive for COVID on Thursday evening.

Jan G. Gilbert