Greta Thunberg makes surprise appearance at Glastonbury Festival

19-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg made a surprise appearance at the Glastonbury Festival, with a warning of a potential ‘total natural disaster’ unless citizens act immediately.

After a moving speech from the Pyramid stage that was painted with an apocalyptic picture of the planet’s future, Thunberg also led chants of “climate” and “justice” to the cheers of thousands at the festival. .

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“We are approaching the precipice and I would strongly suggest to anyone who has not yet been cleared of our senses to hold your ground. Don’t let them bring us an inch closer to the edge. Now is where we hold our ground. ground,” The Guardian quoted Thunberg.

Emily Eavis, co-organizer of the Glastonbury Festival invited Thunberg on stage, describing her as “the most inspiring speaker of this generation”.

Thunberg claimed world leaders should be blamed for failing to end the climate emergency and for developing “loopholes” that allow ecological destruction to go unaddressed.

“It has not only become acceptable for leaders to lie, but it is also almost what we expect of them,” she added.

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Thunberg’s surprise in-person speech was announced on Saturday.

The climate activist said: “He’s taking action. He’s getting out of your comfort zone. And if a group of school children were able to take millions of people to the streets and start changing their lives, imagine what we could all do together if we try.”

Thunberg said it’s high time society started “creating hope” rather than waiting for it to happen.

“Hope is not something given to you. It is something you have to earn, create. It cannot be passively earned by sitting passively and waiting for someone else to do something. .”

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Thunberg’s main intention of making a surprise appearance at the festival was to urge people to make efforts to stop global warming before it’s too late.

“These crises are the biggest story in the world. And it needs to be told as far and wide as possible, as far as our voices can carry and even further. It needs to be told in articles, newspapers, films and songs; at breakfast tables, lunches, family gatherings; in lifts and bus stops; and in rural shop and music festivals like Glastonbury,” she added.

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