Herefordshire brand will only be sold on crisps at Glastonbury Festival

A HEREFORDSHIRE company has beaten the competition to be the only crispy brand available at Glastonbury Festival this year.

Two Farmers crisps have earned their place at the festival thanks to their 100% plastic-free and compostable pouches.

In 2019, Glastonbury banned the sale of single-use plastic bottles, saving over a million bottles from waste.

This year, the Herefordshire-based, planet-friendly snack brand is delighted to be part of the festival’s ongoing efforts to challenge the use of single-use plastic.


Founder Sean Mason comments: “For a long time now, Glastonbury has been making huge efforts to make the festival a more environmentally friendly event with commitments to a more sustainable future. We are excited to now play our small part to help make a big difference. and hopes to raise awareness of the easy plastic-free trades that are now available.

Mark Green and Sean Mason successfully launched the UK’s first sustainable crisps brand in Peterstow, near Ross-on-Wye, in 2018.

With a plastic-free and compostable packet of crisps, the award-winning, eco-friendly brand now produces up to 20,000 packets of crisps per day, reducing the amount of plastic packets that can typically take decades to decompose.

Derived from three layers of sustainable cellulose as well as vegetable-based, biodegradable inks and glues, Two Farmers packets take between 26 and 38 weeks to decompose under home composting conditions, breaking down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

The Glastonbury Festival will take place from June 22-26 at Worthy Farm in Somerset, with Two Farmers available from all traders selling crisps.

Jan G. Gilbert