How the Drug Police Work at Glastonbury Festival

I fully agree with some of the things you said,” Councilor Hayden replied. My children and their friends are going to the Glastonbury Festival and I wouldn’t want anything more to keep them safe.

So what happens to the personal drugs people get caught with at Glastonbury? It’s quite surprising. According to Collins, most are tested on site by a private company and brought back to their laboratory in London. They keep all the drugs,” he says. It’s not even where we can review everything that’s been entered. They keep all the drugs that are seized, but they give us a lot of cannabis, they get back pounds of stuff, because it’s no use to them.

What does he mean by that? They store the medications so they can do additional testing,” says Collins. In 10 years, if the question how good was the cocaine at the Glastonbury Festival in 2021? is asked, they can return to seizures for further testing. It’s the data they can get from holding these drugs that is valuable to this company.

If that’s true, you could get caught by a security guard with a pill and he’d live forever incarcerated in a private company lab. They can then profit from it by selling data about it. And even the police are not allowed to see him. Unless that changes after Mendip District Council met to discuss the Glastonbury license in February.

We contacted Glastonbury Festival to inquire about their drug policies. As of this writing, they have yet to respond. Avon and Somerset Constabulary preferred not to comment.

Jan G. Gilbert