Interesting facts about the Glastonbury Festival

Interesting facts about the Glastonbury Festival

Anyone who attends the Glastonbury Festival is made aware of the reasons for its magnificence. Music, fun, art and all forms of entertainment make Glastonbury Festival the biggest headline ever. No matter how much you are a fan of this festival, we can bet that there are still several things you don’t know about this admirable festival. We tell you some of these facts and how they double the fun of the festival.

1. Festival Setup

The scale of the Glastonbury Festival, in research by Betway Online Casino, is something magnificent to behold. The venue of this festival can be classified as a city in its own right, accommodating more than 210,000 people.

The setup for this festival includes over 100 different performance stages and 3,300 restrooms in over 30 zones across the venue. Layout team members admit that due to the huge task of creating the best festival areas, staging a single Glastonbury Festival can take an entire year to unfold. The good thing is that many staff come back every year to help, which makes the job feel like family work.

2. Inspirational Festivals

The Glastonbury Festival is known to many as the “greatest music and performing arts festival” or the “greatest open-air festival” in the world. The inspiration for the festival came from the mind of Michael Eavis, who had recently attended an outdoor Led Zeppelin concert.

It was the Bath Blues and Progressive Music Festival, and he was impressed with everything he saw. He came back, brought together a team of like-minded people and created what is known today as the Glastonbury Festival.

3. The first event

Another reason why Eavis organized this festival, which was a personal reason, was to get out of debt. Despite huge sums of money, Eavis designed the first-ever festival as a small-scale event, accommodating a crowd of just 1,500 people. A ticket was sold for 1 pound and each participant received free milk from the farm they stood on.

Unfortunately, Michael Eavi’s hopes of paying off his mortgage with proceeds from the festival never materialized. However, he got an increase in the debt he had to pay off.

4. The Year Without Pants

During the 1987 edition of the Glastonbury Festival, thieves circled the hall, stealing everyone’s trousers to gain access to their wallets. Several attendees were left searching for their pants for hours until they finally found a pile of them thrown into the mud, all of their valuables stolen. This year has been called Glasto’s Year Without Pants.

5. You might not need a ticket

There is no doubt that Glastonbury tickets are one of the most expensive festival tickets. An interesting fact, however, is that you don’t always have to be able to afford it to attend the festival.

When you volunteer to work at Glasto, you get a free ticket plus compensation for your work. Every year, more than 1,300 people in total sign up as volunteers to undertake recycling works during the festival and get a free ticket.

The Glastonbury Festival is one with many surprising and exciting stories. There never seems to be a boring festival year, which makes the need to attend a single focus for many.

We hope you enjoyed the article “Interesting Facts About Glastonbury Festival”. Have you ever attended the Glastonbury Festival? Let us know!

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