Kilwinning Group shares Creamfields North bus nightmare with Coach Travel Solutions Ltd

A GROUP of North Ayrshire rave-goers have shared their nightmarish travel experience as they attempted to return from Creamfields North to Daresbury.

The youngsters traveled south to the festival from Kilwinning, paying an initial £2,500 for the 37-person return journey.

The lead name on the booking, Ellie Lomond, shared the group experience with Coach Travel Solutions Ltd on their return – which they say was a nightmare from start to finish.

Ellie showed her booking confirmation, with the company saying her bus would include several amenities including: air conditioning, restrooms, reclining leather seats, tables and charging stations.

The group says it has not received the bus advertised on the company’s website (pictured).

A bus was pictured when booking, but Ellie claimed: ‘The bus we got on the trip was not the bus in the pictures. It had a toilet but nothing else was shown.’

The journey to the English venue was not where the biggest problems arose, although Ellie added that they had to pay an extra £250 for ‘drink charges’ they found “strange”.

The route to Daresbury was not ideal, Ellie explaining: “Although we had a toilet, after speaking with the bus driver he had informed us that the boss had told him he was not allowed to stop at a gas station. Although it was only a four and a half hour ride, we ran out of toilet paper so after several requests he finally did.”

However, the real nightmare began when they returned home, after days of camping, with little access to the internet or the usual amenities one would expect at home.

As most festival-goers would agree, after a long weekend, everyone is ready to head home ASAP, but that wasn’t the case.

Problems arose from the start, with the group due to be collected from the event at 10.30am, although the bus did not appear until 11.45am.

Upon the eventual arrival of the bus, they were informed of another adjustment to their trip. They were told another group’s bus had broken down and their bus would now incorporate a group from Dunfermline – some 68 miles from their destination Kilwinning.

Ellie then explained: “After phoning the boss and he was extremely rude and hung up, we weren’t happy with this after paying £2500.

“We spoke to the remaining group from Dunfermline and the company told them the exact same lie – that it was our bus that had broken down so we would be on their bus so obviously it was to save money. money on both journeys.

“There were now 50 of us on a bus with no air conditioning, toilets, nothing, in 20 degree heat, which was awful.”

The group would be forgiven for feeling that their situation couldn’t get any worse, even if it did.

Ellie claimed the driver was ‘not fit to drive the bus’ and explained how the ride home turned into an eyesore.

She continued: “On the way out he hit another bus and was smoking on the bus and let one of the other Dunfermline bands smoke on the bus which almost caused a fight as our band wasn’t one happy.

“After stopping at a petrol station, we were told we had five minutes to go to the toilet and not eat or drink because having to stop at more petrol stations would take longer.

“At one point the bus driver drove along the shoulder for about 10 minutes thinking it was a lane and we as passengers had to tell him to get out, it wasn’t a way.

“A check engine light came on halfway through, so the bus was not roadworthy.

“It took us seven and a half hours for a four and a half hour journey because the driver did not know where he was going. We had to direct him and he decided to return home by secondary roads instead of the motorway , which we couldn’t do.” I do not understand.

“When we got to Kilwinning the driver would stop at all green lights and turn red – honestly you couldn’t write what happened on the bus.”

When they arrived home, Ellie said she texted the bus company asking for their “consumption costs” to be reimbursed, as well as some sort of additional compensation – especially since between they and the Dunfermline band, they had paid over £5,000.

Ellie went on to explain, “I am now advised that I will not be receiving it and they are holding the deposit due to rubbish left on the way home.

“When we got to Creamfields myself and others cleared out three bin bags which the other driver could honor and there were two groups on the way back so neither gets the deposit because it’s is a mess.”

We have contacted Coach Travel Solutions Ltd to comment on the situation.

Following a phone call we were told the issue “has been resolved” and they saw no need to comment.

We were also told that they did not want to discuss the matter further due to data protection, but Ellie allowed us to do so on her behalf.

When we reported this to Ellie, she said “I have no idea what they’re talking about”.

We have approached the company for further comment, but have not received it at the time of writing.

Jan G. Gilbert