Meet the Leeds musician from Armley performing at Glastonbury Festival this week

Sam Thornton plays keyboard and saxophone, sings and writes music for the 12 musicians, who hope their unique style will impress the Glastonbury crowd.

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They will perform at 4 p.m. Thursday, gracing the stage with truth on the same day as revered performers such as Kate Tempest and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

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They will perform at 4 p.m. Thursday on the Stage of Truth.

The Truth Stage has previously hosted IDLES and Sleaford Mods and Sam is relishing the prospect of performing to a healthy crowd at an iconic festival.

He said: “Glastonbury is the big one – this is our big break, hopefully.

“I would say we’re very unique. You’re not likely to see a 12-piece marching band playing dub and reggae anywhere else. I don’t think there is one, as far as I know.”

The 12-piece band consists of Sam, Brian Tracey Wright, Adam Richards, Gabby Kirby, Stuart MacDonald, Chris Williamson, Daniel Webster, Will Osborne, Stuart Garside, James Lancaster, Andy Morgan and John Settle.

Although this year marks the Glastonbury debut of the Intergalactic Brasstronauts, the festival is already rooted in the band’s history.

Sam explained: “We actually had the idea for this band when we were at the last Glastonbury in 2019.

“Before this band existed, I ran into a couple of my homies who played in a band called the New York Brass Band.

“They were playing Glastonbury and I got up and made some space with them and really enjoyed it. I remember telling him afterwards that it had been so much fun and that we had to create a new group for festivals and doing so.

“That’s how this band really came about and how it was born.”

The group then started as a project to work on while the country was in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sam said: “Usually I’m really busy playing in different bands and stuff, but all of a sudden we had a lot of free time.

“It was good in terms of timing, getting everything in place and making it happen logistically, but terrible trying to find gigs. Nothing was happening at that time.”

However, when England came out of restrictions, the Intergalactic Brasstronauts were let loose on the live music scene and they will hit various parts of the country on the festival circuit this summer.

As well as Glastonbury, they will bring their unique sound to the Wilderness Festival, Camp Bestival and Underneath The Stars.

Sam said: “When we got the call that we were playing on a big stage at Glastonbury, we were obviously really delighted.

“I’m super excited and so is the rest of the band.”

Jan G. Gilbert