Meeting held to raise concerns about Creamfields Music Festival

A MEETING was held with a festival organizer to discuss issues raised at this year’s Creamfields festival.

A number of important issues were raised – traffic management, security, post-event clean-up and post-festival waste.

The meeting took place at St John’s Church Hall in Walton and involved Warrington South MP Andy Carter, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner David McNeileige, Appleton Borough Councilor Mark Jervis and festival director John Probyn.

About 30 members of the public were also present to raise questions and concerns about the festival.

Mr Carter said: ‘Creamfields has grown over the years and brings significant economic benefits to the town, but it is disruptive to people living near the site which straddles two Council areas.

“I work with local residents to ensure their views are heard by organizers and that relevant authorities and police recognize that some changes may be necessary to keep local residents and festival-goers safe.

“I am very grateful to the residents who came to the debriefing, we have agreed to hold further open meetings in the coming months to improve communication on all sides.”

Jan G. Gilbert