Mother of ‘superb’ teenager who never returned from Creamfields suffers another tragedy

The mum of a ‘stunning, vivacious and bubbly’ young woman who died on her way to Creamfields has spoken of further heartbreak after losing her mother to covid.

Lesley Williams, 56, had been encouraged by her mother to write a book about the loss of Dominique Williams, 20, in a devastating car accident in 2009.

But Lesley hadn’t realized that 82-year-old “fit and active” Lilian Summers wouldn’t be there to see the book, My daughter , return it to publication.

Retired childcare nurse Lilian, who lived in Litherland, fell ill in October and succumbed to a serious Covid-19 infection despite “fighting to hold on”.

Lesley, also a childcare nurse, told ECHO: “When we first went into lockdown I was at home, and I live alone now, and I was looking for things to occupy myself.

“I have always written poems about my thoughts and feelings, which is why I thought of writing the book.

“I thought it was a bit heavy; I always write from the heart, and it’s very raw and very honest.

Lesley Williams, from Maghull, whose 20-year-old daughter Dominique Williams was killed in a car crash on her way to Creamfields in 2009.

“But I wasn’t sure if I should post it for other people, so I took it to my mum. She just said ‘get it posted, it will help so many people.’

Although she played by the rules and only ventured out to go to church or go shopping, Lilian caught the virus and grew increasingly ill.

Lesley, from Maghull, said: “She phoned me one morning when she collapsed on the floor of her house. I walked around and she was screaming and crying for me not to come in because ‘she didn’t want me to catch the virus.

“I had been shielded because I had asthma, but I thought it was my mum I had to come in. She just couldn’t breathe, so we called the ambulance.”

Lesley said staff at Aintree Hospital kept her informed, but she received a call saying “Lesley, you’ll have to come in, I don’t think your mum is going to make it.”

Lesley was allowed to be with her mother in her final hours and say goodbye.

Dominique Williams, who was killed in a car crash aged 20 on his way to Creamfields in 2009
Dominique Williams, who was killed in a car crash aged 20 on his way to Creamfields in 2009

She said: “When I arrived she grabbed my hand but from then on she was in and out of consciousness.

“She struggled to hold on, it was heartbreaking. Her granddaughter was due to have a baby and my son was due to get married and you could tell she wanted to fight.

“But in the end she was way too sick. They said covid had badly damaged her lungs.”

After losing her mother, Lesley said she still felt undecided about publishing her account of the loss of Dominique, but her sons Liam and Daniel encouraged her and said “Nan would have liked you to do”.

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She said: “My mum and my boys are the ones who made my journey with me. My mum is the one who never questioned my grief or the way I handled it.”

My daughter contains a heartbreaking account of how Lesley dealt with the loss of her talented daughter, a dance and performing arts student at Edge Hill University.

Dominique had arranged to go to the Creamfields festival with Newcastle teenager Nicola Edgar, 19, who also died in the accident, after they met on holiday in Greece.

Dominique Williams, who was killed in a car crash aged 20 on his way to Creamfields in 2009
Dominique Williams, who was killed in a car crash aged 20 on his way to Creamfields in 2009

Lesley previously told ECHO: “Everyone knew Dom. She was such an amazing, lively and bubbly person. There was just something about her that everyone remembered.

“The day there were four of them, and three of them stayed in the house with us. Like the girls do, they were all getting ready, they were so excited.

“The driver of the car came to pick them up around 10.30am. I remember it like it was a video in my head. I said ‘you know what I can come with you’ and she said ‘you know i love you mum but no’, joking.

“I remember she was sitting in the car and her last words were ‘I love you millions’. That’s what she always said to me. Then the car stopped.”

Shortly after leaving Maghull, the car in which Dominique and Nicola were traveling was involved in a horrific accident on Higher Road, Halewood.

According to reports from an inquest into their deaths, a puncture on a rear tire caused the car to spin out of control and flip onto its roof, killing Dominique and Nicola instantly.

The book 'Daughter of Mine' by Lesley Williams, about the loss of her daughter Dominique Williams
The book ‘Daughter of Mine’ by Lesley Williams, about the loss of her daughter Dominique Williams

The other two occupants, Rebecca Crowley and Sophie Vicary, survived.

Lesley has lectured about the tragedy each year on World Road Traffic Victims Remembrance Day, organized by the charity Roadpeace.

She says she hopes her account of the tragedy will help others suffering from bereavement and has donated copies to the Love Jasmine charity, which helps people cope with bereavement.

She said, “The messages and reviews I’ve received have been amazing. There have been copies in America and in Buenos Aires, it’s been worth it.”

Copies of My daughter, published by New Generation, are available from Amazon and Waterstones for £6.99.

Jan G. Gilbert