Mother whose ‘caring’ daughter never returned from Creamfields pleads

The mother of a young woman who died on her way to Creamfields appealed to those heading to the popular festival this weekend.

Dominique Williams, a dance and performing arts student at Edge Hill University in Maghull, was on her way to Creamfields with her friends.

The 20-year-old was in good spirits ahead of the August 2009 public holiday festival, but never returned home.

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Today, 12 years after the fatal collision, Dominique’s mother, Lesley Williams, appealed to festival-goers to stay safe on the roads to and from the festival.

Lesley, 57, told ECHO: “She was so excited to go. She was really like everyone else. This year there are two things. You have Covid lurking but more importantly, you also have safety on the roads, it’s just essential.

“Things can happen so easily, but the devastation left behind is just absolutely amazing, even even now. You look on the bright side and say I’m lucky to be his mother and I’m lucky to be his mother. ‘having my two boys, but I’ I’m also lucky everyone still remembers her.

“It’s still a big deal, there are lots of flowers on her grave, there are messages. It’s been constant since we lost her. It means so much that people still remember her.

Lesley Williams, of Maghull, whose 20-year-old daughter Dominique Williams was killed in a car crash on her way to Creamfields in 2009

“This old adage continues, but for them it is not and for us it continues but it is difficult.

“Anyone who goes to the festival, I just want them to have fun, that was the only reason Dom was going, for the excitement, but please be careful going there.

“There are coach crashes, crashes on the road, just be aware of everything that is going on around you on your way and then once you are there have fun, raise a drink and remember of her. “

Shortly after leaving Maghull, the car Dominique and Nicola were traveling in was involved in a horrific accident on Higher Road, Halewood.

Dominique Williams left for Creamfields at the age of 20 and never returned
Dominique Williams left for Creamfields at the age of 20 and never returned

According to reports of an inquest into their deaths, a puncture on a rear tire caused the car to swerve and roll over on its roof, instantly killing Dominique and Newcastle teenager Nicola Edgar, 19.

The other two occupants, Rebecca Crowley and Sophie Vicary, survived.

Lesley also explained how this year is different due to increased traffic on the roads and people enjoying holidays over the bank holiday weekend.

Lesley is also a representative of RoadPeace, a charity created by a mother whose son was killed by a driver who jumped a red light to raise awareness about road safety and help victims of road accidents.

Each year RoadPeace holds a ceremony in memory of Princess Diana and all road accident victims and each year Lesley speaks at the ceremony.

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Lesley said: “It’s also that people have been here for so long and everyone wants to get out of it. We’ve been living with this pandemic for almost two years. I understand people want to get out, I am doing it – same, we want everything to go back to normal but this puts more traffic on the roads.

“We also have the RoadPeace service, we recorded this in the [Liverpool] Cathedral last week just because of the pandemic and we want people to stay safe so that it increases online.

“It’s about road safety but also about just being safe [in general]. Their message is to watch your speed, be aware when you get in the car, and think about everything around you.

“Tame your excitement until you get there. It’s such a difficult time, really.”

Lesley took the time to remember her daughter, a young woman who “cared about everyone”.

She told ECHO: “She was very popular for the simple reason that she cared about everyone. She had a heart of gold. I think everyone was drawn to her because she was such a person. caring and loving.

Lesley Williams with her two sons Liam, 29, and Danny, 26, and mother who died of Covid earlier this year at the age of 82
Lesley Williams with her two sons Liam, 29, and Danny, 26, and mother who died of Covid earlier this year at the age of 82

“She just had this ability to love everyone and make everyone feel so special.

“I remember talking to a lady who was older and she said to me ‘I’ll never forget when I talked to Dom she had all the time in the world and made me feel so special’ .

“It was such a beautiful gift that she had to be able to make people feel like this. She loved being out and with people. She was such a lovely girl.”

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