People amazed at the opening of a late night rave co-op in Creamfields

This year’s Creamfields festival-goers ‘loved’ the much-loved addition of a pop-up Co-op supermarket. You can see a snippet of what it was inside here:

Yes, those in need of refreshments halfway through were able to stroll through a co-op and pick up whatever they wanted with a wide range of items on offer including sandwiches, snacks, fresh fruit and even toiletries for those who needed them. of a quick refresh.

The rather surreal shopping experience was shared on TikTok by Scott Walker – or @scottwalker1992 – who wrote, “Just casual 11pm co-op at Creams. Love it!”

Fellow TikTok users were suitably impressed with the clip, with one person writing, “Why can’t all co-op be like this?”

Another added: “What the hell? Man, Creamfields have seriously upped their game since I’ve been here.”

While a third person wrote, “Such a great idea. Brilliant actually.”

Someone else said, “OMG the best co-op ever – yeah, let’s do ’em all like that.”

Credit: TikTok/@scottwalker1992

I don’t know what my grandmother would think of that, but I see where you’re coming from.

It’s the second time the supermarket chain has partnered with Creamfields – with Co-op saying: “We’re putting on our dancing shoes and gearing up for our second year at Creamfields, helping you dance the night away with everyone the essentials you need to have a good time.”

The pop-up store offers a wide range of items, allowing festival-goers to travel light.

As well as essentials such as water and painkillers, there are also baked goods, ice cream and fresh meat to throw on the barbecue.

Co-op has an agreement with Live Nation – meaning its supermarkets also have pop-ups at Download Festival, Latitude Festival, Reading & Leeds Festivals and Isle of Wight Festival.

Announcing the deal earlier this year, the two companies confirmed that the partnership will continue through at least 2026. So if attending a festival-based co-op is now on your to-do list, you have all the time to do it.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The co-op’s director of marketing experience, Amanda Jennings, told the Retail Gazette: “We’re thrilled to have festivals back on and we’re thrilled to support and be a part of Live Nation’s great live comeback; we’ve looking forward to coming back.

“Our stores have become a regular fixture at Live Nation festivals and we know festival goers rely on us for their essentials and to make their festival experience as fantastic as possible.”

Jan G. Gilbert