People spotted on a morning jog at Glastonbury Festival

People have been spotted out for a morning jog at Glastonbury Festival, with footage of the unexpected scenes sparking debate on social media. Watch the clip here:

No doubt many people have marked the first Glastonbury since 2019 by really leaning into the festival experience, which inevitably involves waking up in a sweaty tent with a hangover from hell, letting out a few painful moans before opening a canister and starting all over again. Again.

But it seems that some festival-goers started their day feeling a little cooler, having decided to start the day by going for a run outside.

After seeing a group of joggers doing their thing, one person tweeted, “There are people doing their morning jog. AT THE GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. Jogging. At a festival. They’re not stoned, late, lost, running from invisible monsters. They. Are. Jogging. To the fucking King Glastonbury. #Glastonbury #Glastonbury2022.”

Responding in the comments, another even shared footage of the people they saw running, writing, “Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.”

Credit: Twitter/@Seamus_McNally

The news sparked something of an online debate, with some people completely in disbelief that anyone would go to the festival and actually exercisewhile others defended the scenes as a good way to get rid of the effects of the previous night.

One wrote: “Reports of people in Glasto getting up for a morning jog… sincerely. I’m sorry, but if you’re at a festival and you wake up for a jog and not for a can of hot cider, you’re wrong. A bloody jog.

Someone else commented: “Even if you were really, really into jogging, the lack of showers would surely make skipping a few days the most sensible (and sociable) choice. #notinmyday.

A third said: ‘The world has changed, a lot of young people I work with now hardly go out, are still in the gym and even order water in the evenings.

On the other hand, many people saw a morning run as a “good way to get rid of a hangover”, saying it was actually a “good idea” if you like that sort of thing.

A Twitter user said: “Fair play for them. Will feel fresh and put together for the whole day. Good idea.”

Another wrote: “That’s a great idea! Take a short jog. Sweat out the toxins, refresh the body again for a few bevvies later…”

A third added: “I just saw a screenshot on Facebook of someone complaining that people are going one morning to jog at ice Cube. WHO F**KING CARE. LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANT TO FEEL GOOD. STOP THE F**KING TWISTY DOUBLE STANDARD HATE AND LET EVERYONE LIVE AND DIE AS THEY WANT.

That said, one person pointed out that there probably isn’t much point in running in the morning, because “you’ll be walking 10 miles a day anyway.”

As someone whose feet are currently on fire after the five million steps I took between stages yesterday, I have to admit that I am inclined to agree.

Jan G. Gilbert