Sigrid wows with euphoric Glastonbury Festival backdrop

SIGRID shook her head in disbelief as fans showered her with adulation throughout her stunning set at Glastonbury Festival on Friday night.

The Norwegian pop star and his band delivered an hour of rousing dance-pop under the brightly colored canopy of the John Peel Stage.

Sigrid, 25, built her reputation creating powerful and enjoyable music with her debut album Sucker Punch (2019), reinforced by last month’s follow-up How to let go.

The thousands of fans drawn to her show have not been disappointed, as one might have expected since she revealed she wrote parts of her latest album with Glastonbury in mind.

The stage’s position in the huge tent means it retains a sense of intimacy rarely found on large outdoor stages, producing an explosive atmosphere when paired with its upbeat tracks.

She opened her set with “It Gets Dark” and “Burning Bridges,” two fan favorites from her latest offering that showcase her soaring vocals and love of big synths.

“Oh oh, I’m already emotional and there are two songs!” she told the crowd.

“It is beyond a huge honour. Thank you so much for having us back Glastonbury, thank you for coming. I have been dreaming of this day for a while now!

The power pop anthem “Sucker Punch” quickly garnered a tremendous reception from the vast audience and, moments later, “Don’t Feel Like Crying” – a song written on a hangover after a night of karaoke – raised the roof.

“Ridiculous!” she cried, placing her hands on her head and turning to face her group.

Audiences enthusiastically joined “Head On Fire” and “Bad Life,” his collaborations with Griff and Bring Me The Horizon, and expressed their collective joy when the hit “Don’t Kill My Vibe” began.

At the end, Sigrid watched in amazement as the crowd extended cheers, shaking her head before clenching her fists in celebration.

“I won’t have any more words tomorrow, that’s for sure,” she said.

“But that’s good, because I’m going to be staying at Glasto so you’ll see me absolutely f***** in a field somewhere. It’s going to be awesome!”

His set ended strong with the synth bop ‘Strangers’ and the self-acceptance single ‘Mirrors’.

George Ezra, Griff and Holly Humberstone also impressed on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury 2022, while Bastille benefited from an enclosed space during their William’s Green barn set.

You can watch Sigrid’s full performance at Glastonbury Festival HERE.

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Jan G. Gilbert