The ashes of a Tiësto fan fired from a confetti cannon at the Creamfields festival

The ashes of a deceased Tiësto fan were fired from a confetti cannon during the DJ’s headlining set at the Creamfields festival in Daresbury last week.

According to a BBC report, 30-year-old EDM fan Stuart Mitchell committed suicide in July, leaving behind a three-year-old son. Mitchell had purchased tickets to attend the festival, but his tickets were sold after his death to help fund his funeral.

Mitchell’s family sent a small bundle of his ashes to ticket buyers to scatter at the festival. “I would be very grateful if you could scatter them somewhere in Creamfields, so that he really went there one last time,” read a letter from his mother.

The buyers – a pair of cousins, Ryan and Liam Millen – then reportedly contacted festival organizers, hoping they could get a photo of the ashes on the main stage.

But Ryan told the BBC that he was “absolutely upset” when the organizers suggested putting the ashes in a confetti cannon that Tiësto would use to close the festival. The Millen cousins ​​also printed banners with a picture of Stuart and his three year old son saying “This last dance is for you buddy”.

“Words cannot express our gratitude to his family for allowing us, to everyone who listened to his story and took pictures with the banner, and especially to the production team at Creamfields for going above and beyond. hands to welcome us and go out of their way to allow us to honor his memory in such a fitting way, ”Ryan told the Echo of Liverpool. “Stuart Mitchell, we are honored to have been authorized to help you complete your journey with us.”

Stuart’s sister Laura later revealed to the Millen cousins ​​that he was a longtime Tiësto fan and that the DJ’s song “Adagio For Strings” was performed at his funeral.

Jan G. Gilbert