The Camberley family who rescued mum at Camp Bestival after high winds swept through her tent

A selfless Surrey grandmother and her family rescued a mum at a festival after her tent was battered by a storm overnight.

Sandra Lipscombe, of Camberley, was at Camp Bestival in Dorset from Thursday (July 29) at the same time the south-west of England was hit by high winds from Storm Evert.

Sandra described the Thursday night wind as “horrible” and got up early in the morning to dismantle a gazebo that did not survive the bad weather.

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The next morning was calm in comparison, but Sandra overheard her camping neighbors, a mother and two daughters, say that they should leave before their first full day even began.

Sandra said: “This lady next door came and said to me ‘Do you want my food because my tent is in ruins I’m going to have to come home?’.

Clare Cunningham, from Frome, Somerset, told the BBC: “A tent pole had broken and torn through the canvas, rendering our tent completely unusable.

“We were pretty devastated and we hadn’t slept that night either.”

But Sandra wasn’t going to let the family go without offering one of her tents as a replacement.

“They would’ve missed everything. She was so overwhelmed by it, but us as a family, that’s what we do. We like to treat others as we like to be treated ourselves,” said Sandra.

She added that Clare’s family was “lovely” so the two have swapped numbers and are even planning to go to Camp Bestival together next year.

Claire told the BBC: “But by the time we got back to where our tent was, the family next to us had actually rearranged all of their sleeping arrangements and put an entire tent at our disposal – it was pretty amazing.

“We really couldn’t have continued the festival and we couldn’t believe how nice these people were.

Sandra was in attendance at the event, where FatBoy Slim, Groove Armada and Friendly Fires performed, along with over 20 other people camping in tents and trailers.

The weather has not cooled their spirits. “Everyone was so happy to be outside, even the actors on stage got emotional about performing live again,” she added.

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Jan G. Gilbert