The full British Summer Time line-up, from Adele to the Rolling Stones – dates and tickets

The British Summer Time Festival – also known as BST Hyde Park – is here for three massive weekends, and it’s back in full force with a lineup of heavy hitters including Adele and the Rolling Stones

Adele is one of the main headliners at BST Hyde Park

The British Summer Time Festival is one of the biggest music events in the UK, with the show returning this weekend.

It will be a very special event this year, with Elton John giving one of the last performances of his storied career.

He’s not the only big name to take part in the festival either, with a stacked line-up of music legends from around the world all heading to Hyde Park in London.

Tickets are selling out fast, with some of the main performances having already gone.

If you want to try and get last minute tickets, they are available for purchase through the official website of the festival.

When is the British Summer Time Festival?

The festival takes place over three weekends from June 24 to July 10



The festival takes place over three main weekends, with the event starting from Friday 24th June to Sunday 10th July.

The full dates are Friday June 24, Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26, followed by Friday July 1, Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3.

BST Hyde Park’s final weekend falls on Friday July 8, Saturday July 9 and Sunday July 10.

The whole festival will take place in London’s Hyde Park, although it’s not televised, so if you’re hoping to see the performances you’ll need to be there.

Elton John – Friday, June 24

Elton John will give one of his last performances at the BST


Ben Gibson/HST Global Limited as Rocket Entertainment)

As part of his final farewell tour, Elton John will take to the main stage in Hyde Park on Friday June 24.

It will be a must for Rocketman fans and demand for the gig is already massive.

Tickets are fully sold out, with no additional space for general admission either.

The Rolling Stones – Saturday June 25 and Sunday July 3

The Rolling Stones left Milan for their concert in the UK


Corbis via Getty Images)

The Rolling Stones recently toured Europe, with their last concert taking place in Milan before their flight to London.

Now they’re in Hyde Park for the weekend, but in classic British summer fashion, they’re leaving the sun of Europe for the gray skies of England.

This won’t dull the show though, with only a few tickets remaining before heading to the main stage.

Eagles – Sunday June 26

The Eagles head to London after their gig in Edinburgh



One of LA’s definitive American rock bands, they’ve made the trip across the pond for a very special performance in London.

They have just given a feel-good performance at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield stadium and are currently taking the M1 down to Hyde Park.

Just like the Rolling Stones, the window for getting tickets is closing, so if you want to see these veterans perform, grab them now.

Adele – Friday July 1 and Saturday July 2

Adele has already sold out both nights


Getty Images)

Adele is set to be the biggest performance of the festival, with tickets already sold out for both of her performances.

She leaves her new $58 million home in Los Angeles to return to the UK to give one of the biggest performances of her career.

It’s unclear what her set will be, but festival-goers should expect her to release some of her most popular hits such as Someone Like You, Hello and Rolling In The Deep.

Pearl Jam – Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9

Pearl Jam stops in the UK on their European tour


Getty Images)

Another classic rock band graces Hyde Park’s main stage, with Pearl Jam set to dominate the third weekend of the festival.

They’re touring Europe ahead of the UK show, playing venues in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Denmark and more.

The British Summer Time Festival will be just one pit stop for the band, as they will be performing in Hungary just three days after the event.

Who else plays at the British Summer Time Festival?

Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers at the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year



The festival is packed with big names in music, so it will be three weekends of non-stop talent that will grace the main stage and surrounding concerts.

The remaining line-up consists of:

  • Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – Main Stage – Sunday June 26
  • Little Big Town – Main Stage – Sunday, June 26
  • Pixies – Main Stage – Friday, July 8
  • Cat Power – Main Stage – Friday, July 8
  • White Reaper – Main Stage – Friday, July 8
  • Dream Nails – Main Stage – Friday July 8th
  • La Luz – Unknown stage – Friday July 8 / Saturday July 9
  • Sick Joy – Unknown Scene – Friday July 8th
  • Simon Townshend – Unknown Scene – Friday July 8th
  • The Glorious Sons – Unknown Scene – Friday July 8th
  • The Murder Capital – Unknown Scene – Friday July 8th
  • Stereophonics – Main Stage – Saturday July 9
  • Imelda May – Stage unknown – Saturday July 9
  • The Last Unknown International Stage – Saturday July 9
  • Duran Duran – Main Stage – Sunday July 10
  • Nile Rodgers and CHIC – Main Stage – Sunday July 10
  • Grace Jones – Main Stage – Sunday July 10

You can find more information about the event on the official website of the festival.

The festival is being hosted by American Express this year, with The Amex Experience adding a range of perks to the concert, including a full-service bar.

They’ve also teamed up with Roan Richards to give guests the chance to browse 400 vinyl records to discover new music.

Some of the other perks include the Icon Cocktail Bar, Icon Studio (allowing guests to choose the style they want), the exclusive Mezzanine viewing platform, and a complimentary reusable bottle of water.

The Amex Experience can be found on the BST Hyde Park sitemap and is open from 1pm to 9pm daily.

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