The Gurning Rave Guy Spotted At Glastonbury Festival And He’s Still A Legend Meme

Meme Legend The Gurning Rave Guy spotted with the ‘Fish And Rice Cakes’ guy at the Glastonbury Festival. The iconic five-day Glastonbury Festival ended with another phenomenal episode on June 26. Like every year, the grounds of Worthy Farm see many celebrities making their way through the mind-boggling bustle. Among the lot was a celebrity who rocked the social media world with her hard-hitting dance moves and etched her name as one of the most iconic memes of all time. As soon as the name “Gurning Rave Guy” pops up, the image of a man dancing with his brain riled up comes to mind.

If your memory needs a refresh, here’s a clip for you:

Shaun Jackson shot to fame in 2014 when he starred in a promotional video for a nightclub called Bounce by The Ounce. Since then, he has been immortalized through multiple GIFs and clips circulating on social media.

Shaun was spotted at the festival with Danny Andrews, also known as the Fish and Rice Cake Guy. Looked:

Danny, too, shot to fame thanks to a hilarious video that surfaced on the internet over a decade ago. In the video, all Danny can talk about is “Fish…and rice cakes”. Watch the video here:

Well, we hope he doesn’t just eat fish and rice cakes anymore, because at first glance Danny looks like an absolute tank. As for Shaun, he looks as dynamic in his natural habitat as when he was high as a kite in the 2014 promo video.

In a podcast, Shaun revealed how the video came about. Shaun confessed to the number of intoxicants he had in his body at the time and based on that the condition seems about right. According to Shaun, he had three-quarters of a bottle of vodka and a fairly generous amount of MDMA or ecstasy.


Netizens were amused to see the two guys who entertained them for years, together in one setting, having the time of their lives at the biggest greenfield festival in the world.

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Jan G. Gilbert