The Iconic Return of LarMac LIVE Masterminds Creamfields

The Iconic Return of LarMac LIVE Masterminds Creamfields

The Iconic Return of LarMac LIVE Masterminds Creamfields

UK – After two years away from the hallowed fields of Daresbury, Cheshire, LarMac LIVE have delivered iconic cinch electronic music festival presents Creamfields with a stellar line-up of artists including Tiësto, Eric Prydz, Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox and Basement Jaxx.

Event specialists LarMac LIVE produced the return of Creamfields alongside their familiar tech partners.

“It’s like we never left,” said Ian Greenway, director of LarMac LIVE. “We’ve done countless scripts and written many budget versions over the past two years, so when the time finally came to get our first acts on stage and deliver them, it was really, really special.”

LarMac LIVE’s number one priority for Creamfields 2021 was to hold the festival in a safe working environment.

“We knew there would be challenges, but I was convinced that as long as we were right at the heart of what we were doing, we should be able to deflect anything that came up successfully,” Greenway said.

“Part of our ‘battening down the hatches’ approach was to keep the show as familiar as possible. I wanted to rely on our supply chain as we have always done and allow our usual suppliers to begin their recovery as well.

Although vendor stability for the 2021 festival release was essentially the same as 2019, what each company did onsite fluctuated depending on the team and equipment available.

“We’re really different from most other UK festivals, in that production is really key to all of the shows we put on,” Greenway said. “We always want to make each show more impactful than the last and this year was no exception. We actually didn’t want to be a product of the pandemic, we wanted to go out with a bang, and we really felt like we were there. had reached.”

Given that Creamfields took place relatively late in this year’s truncated festival season (over the UK’s August Bank Holiday), all mandatory Covid-19 related processes were already firmly in place.

“The main challenge for us was the larger operation,” Greenway said. “What we’re doing is pretty well-honed now, but there were a lot more variables that the teams at the event had to deal with. Huge COVID protocols affected how staff interacted and moved around the site, while nationwide toilet shortages and security supply issues caused their own issues. Luckily, there’s always a great team attitude at Creamfields and it’s really helped everyone overcome some pretty monumental obstacles together.

In addition to overcoming these challenges, this year’s Creamfields was able to achieve what would have been unthinkable just months earlier; once again exceeding the expectations of its loyal fans.

“You only had to spend an hour there to see how happy everyone was to get back to it,” Greenway said. “It was a reminder of what can be accomplished with a positive attitude and a great team. The last 18 months have truly been a reset for all of us, which of course has its downsides, but there are also upsides. I think everyone realized that, and as a result, they enjoyed coming back to work a little more.

While 2022 is set to see Creamfields again, this time it will be preceded by an early summer ‘sister’ event at Hylands Park in Chelmsford.

“It’s just the start, but it looks like it will live up to what we’ve done at Daresbury over the past few years,” Greenway said. “Huge productions, brand new venue concepts and a show that will make audiences want to go to Creamfields twice a year. We’re so thrilled and kudos to the Cream team for coming back to the pandemic so strong!

photos: Anthony Black

The Iconic Return of LarMac LIVE Masterminds CreamfieldsThe Iconic Return of LarMac LIVE Masterminds Creamfields

September 29, 2021

Jan G. Gilbert