‘The Queen’ was spotted dancing in the crowd at Glastonbury Festival


Royal fans couldn’t help but notice that the woman on the right bears a striking resemblance to Her Majesty on the left. Photos/Getty Images/BBC

Glastonbury fans have been driven wild after joking they spotted the Queen hiding among the festival crowd.

As the Daily Mail reports, in footage of an audience dancing on a Robert Plant set, a woman can be seen bearing a striking resemblance to Her Majesty.

The mysterious woman wears a blue raincoat with the hood, zip up to the chin and dark sunglasses – almost as if in disguise and resembling the Queen’s well-known “off duty” look.

A scarf and dark sunglasses were key accessories to Her Majesty's casual look.  Photo/Getty Images
A scarf and dark sunglasses were key accessories to Her Majesty’s casual look. Photo/Getty Images

The lookalike was only shown for a few seconds as a BBC camera scanned the crowd, but the quick preview was enough for eagle-eyed viewers watching at home to spark an internet storm.

On Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Delighted to see the Queen enjoying a bit of Robert Plant at #Glastonbury.”

Another joked: “The Queen has arrived at Glastonbury to watch Robert Plant. This disguise fools no one.”

Other social media users joked that despite shaking her head to the music, the woman didn’t really seem to be enjoying herself that much. Twitter user @andrewora5 commented, “Lizz [sic] needs a break.”

The fun moment comes just days after the 96-year-old monarch defied her doctor’s orders and rode her horse for a trot around Windsor. She was advised to stop riding nine months ago and this is the first time she has been back in the saddle since.

A source told The Sun that she had missed riding deeply, adding: “‘The Queen has enjoyed being on her horse again. Riding again is a wonderful sign after these health concerns. To do so at 96 years is quite remarkable.”

Queen Elizabeth, who recently celebrated 70 years on the British throne, was unable to attend all of the Platinum Jubilee events due to unspecified ‘health issues’ and could be seen using a cane for support. She even started using a golf cart to attend some royal engagements.

However, during a meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby at Windsor Castle on Tuesday, she was seen without the aid of a stick, fueling fresh rumors that her health may be improving.

Jan G. Gilbert