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The Rolling Stones BST Hyde Park 3rd July 2022

Words Kahmel Farahani

Pictures Dawn Osborne

If there has ever been a historical connection between a band and a certain space, it is between the Rolling Stones and Hyde Park. From their historic free show there in 1969 to their 50e Anniversary shows in 2013 that would become the movie Sweet Summer Sun, The Stones marked some of their most iconic moments in Hyde Park.

Ronnie Wood 1

This year the Rolling Stones are back for 2 separate weekend dates to mark their 60e anniversary. They also mark the first in Hyde Park and even in London without Charlie Watts on drums. As the summer sun begins to set behind the clouds, the concert itself is preceded by a beautiful montage of the late great Charlie Watts on the big screen. Then it’s time for rock and roll’s greatest band to take the stage.

Mick Jagger 2

Age no longer makes sense to the Rolling Stones; not only is their songbook undeniably timeless, but so is their audience, which now includes nearly 4 generations of fans from around the world. From Get Off of My Cloud in 19e Nervous Breakdown, the band are clearly in good spirits on this series of tour dates. The band sound superbly on the classic Tumbling Dice before a real return to the old Out Of Time.

Ronnie Wood 3

Jagger’s voice is impeccable and his stage presence still unmatched while the weaving guitar duo of Keef and Ronnie still have that magic. Still painting the song with a riff here and licking there, it’s something no other guitarist could pull off and would still sound tight. Steve Jordan also does an admirable job on drums, rocking full force on You Got Me Rocking and the superb tour debut of Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone.

Mick and Ronnie

The Stones aren’t exactly one to take breaks and, as Mick Jagger notes, tonight marks The Stones 203rd concert in London! Keith Richards takes center stage for the sublime You Got The Silver and Happy before the whole crowd is caught up in the disco chant of Miss You.

Mick Jagger 5

Ronnie and Keith 1

The sound quality coming from the PA systems tonight is without a doubt the best we have ever heard in an outdoor space and a testament to the art of the mixing desk. It’s flawless, with the finest hints of Paint It Black as clear as a bell. Ending their set with an epic combo of Gimme Shelter and Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the band push towards the two hour mark as they draw their first bow.

Keith Richards 2

Returning for an encore that begins with Sympathy for the Devil, Jagger, Richards and Wood march through the crowd and deliver the ultimate Stones anthem (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. As the Stones retire, it’s hard to argue that there’s anyone doing it better than them and chances are no one ever will. A rock and roll institution that still remains fresh and vital after more than half a century, the Rolling Stones are once again proving they’ve got the silver and the gold – truly impressive.

Mick Jagger 4


Setlist July 3, 2022

Come down from my cloud

19th nervous breakdown

Beginner tumbling

Out of time


You can’t always get what you want

Like a rolling stone

You rock me

Honky Tonk Women

You have the money


I miss you

Midnight Rambler

Paint it black

start Me Up

give me shelter

Jump Jack Flash


Sympathy for the Devil

(I can’t get no) Satisfaction

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