TiNDLE x getting feathered at British Summer Time in Hyde Park

A few months ago we told you that TiNDLE had partnered with Brew Dog to create the perfect vegan menus for the pub chain. But now it’s summer, so it’s time for the TiNDLE crew to get outside and be part of one of the many festivals taking place across the UK.

With enthusiasm for TINDLEalongside their partner get plucked, they will be serving food at a large booth near the General Admission festival area, as well as a second location in the VIP Hideaway area. The food on offer will be plant-based fried chicken, including a TiNDLE burger, The Oprah Henfrey and Hen Solo. Plus, they’ll be giving away two TiNDLE cones with bite-sized TiNDLE-filled crispy waffle cones.

Get Picked Locations

And while it’s not possible for some to sample concert hall food, customers can have TiNDLE during the week, with the option of trying Get Plucked after hours. Their opening hours on Monday are 12-10 p.m., followed by 8-10 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, as part of BST’s open day on free weekday summer activities.

At the new Get Plucked site inside Shoreditch Balls, TiNDLE will be featured from June 21. The move marks the team’s commitment for Get Plucked to go fully factory at their first location in London.

Not going to BST or Shoreditch Balls? TiNDLE x Get Plucked currently runs a food gazebo at Hampton Court Palace until June 25.

British Summer Time in Hyde Park will take place from June 24 to July 10 this year.

Jan G. Gilbert