When Liam Gallagher was booed during his final set at the Glastonbury Festival

The Gallagher brothers have arguably the most recognizable and iconic voices in British music, having sold over 70 million records under the Oasis name worldwide.

The pair are no strangers to the Glastonbury Festival either, having performed both solo and together on numerous occasions since bursting onto the scene.

However, in 2019, Liam managed to provoke his crowd to the point where he was greeted with lots of jeers and boos.

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The former Oasis frontman was preparing for his spot at the Worthy Farm festival, performing in front of headliners The Killers on the Saturday of the event.

Arriving on stage shortly after Janet Jackson, Gallagher decided to remind the crowd where their loyalties lay before he started performing.

It’s no secret that Liam and his brother Noel Gallagher are both huge Manchester City fans and recently celebrated the team’s second Premier League title in two years.

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In an attempt to liquidate Liverpool, Manchester United and many other football fans in the crowd, Liam started the concert with a refrain of ‘champion, champion’, a song commonly sung by football fans whose team comes from win the title.

The chant was mocked and booed by onlookers.

It may not have sounded like the best start to a concert for those who have come a long way, but that quickly changed when Liam played classic hits such as Rock And Roll Star and Roll With It.

However, much like his 2017 play Other Stage, Liam’s solo tracks don’t garner as much excitement as older Oasis songs.

At one point, Liam asked, “Are you having a good time or what?”

An audience member said, “I will be when you play Oasis stuff.”

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Jan G. Gilbert