Woman entered Creamfields hiding ecstasy in her body

A FESITVALGOER made the ‘totally stupid’ decision to attempt to smuggle drugs inside Creamfields inside his body.

Keira Wilson has nearly 200 ecstasy tablets hidden in her vagina as she reaches the entrance to the Daresbury Music Festival.

The 25-year-old acted as a drug courier to supply the drugs to an individual inside.

However, she was arrested and charged with possession of ecstasy with intent to supply, subsequently appearing at Chester Crown Court last Wednesday to be sentenced.

Prosecuting Rosemary Proctor explained how the breach happened on August 27 of last year. At around 9 p.m. she was brought to a police search tent after a drug detector dog indicated the possible presence of drugs.

Inside the tent, the accused told a police officer that she had drugs hidden in her vagina, but she did not know what type or quantity.

She also said she was bringing them for someone else, but she didn’t know who that person was.

A search revealed a ‘large pouch’ from her vagina containing 192 pills of MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy, believed to have a total inside festival value of £1,922.

Officers also seized his cell phone, which showed text conversations between August 25 and 26 with another person discussing obtaining festival tickets.

The texts also show that she would take the “equipment” inside for a man, in effect acting as a courier smuggling the drugs inside to hand over to a third party.

In defending his client, Matthew Hopkins referred to his guilty plea at the earliest opportunity and his lack of recent or relevant prior convictions.

She was convicted at Chester Crown Court

He explained how the person the defendant was texting suggested taking the drugs instead of her, and that she initially had reservations about it, but later went along with the plan.

“Because of this senseless decision, this 25-year-old woman is appearing in court and facing a heavy prison sentence,” he said.

“The process has been beneficial for her. She has a low risk of recurrence and will not do it again.

“She came from her home in Sunderland and expects not to return.

“She understands the situation and knows she won’t get a second chance, but I’m asking the court to give her a first chance.”

Before sentencing, recorder Simon Parrington said: ‘It’s quite clear that you knew what you were doing, and even if you didn’t realize what you were doing when you decided to do it, you knew it. would have realized when you approached the entrance to Creamfields.

“The site is full of signs and bins to get rid of drugs, but you kept going and, like so many others, you got caught.

“What you did was completely stupid, and I hope you learned a good lesson.”

Wilson, of Castles Green in Sunderland, received a two-year jail sentence, suspended for 18 months.

She must also undertake 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £468 covering legal costs and a statutory victim fine surcharge, while an order confiscating and destroying the drugs has been approved.

Recorder Parrington added: “Take this as a lesson and don’t do it again. If you do, you will almost certainly go to jail immediately.

Jan G. Gilbert