Woman jailed for bringing 9g of cocaine to Creamfields

A woman who took 9g of cocaine at Creamfields has been jailed for three years.

Courtney Healey, 21, took a weekend off from her role as an NHS medical assistant and traveled more than 200 miles from Wales for the Cheshire Music Festival. She was found with 8.9g of cocaine at the festival when her tent was searched.

Healey claimed she was taking the drugs for her friends, but text messages revealed she was smuggling the Class A drugs for a man already inside the festival who had offered to pay her £200 for them, reports MirrorOnline.

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Prosecutor Richard Edwards said: ‘Several posts included Healey asking his friends in a group chat how they were taking their medication.

One person replied, “Oh my god I’m dreading this, y’all are smackheads.”

In another post about marijuana, Healey said, “I smoke it every day. I feel like I could rip someone’s head off otherwise. My mom would send me to jail if she found out I did it.”

Mr Edwards said there were many opportunities to return drugs to the festival with amnesty bins and posters warning festival-goers of the consequences of being found with illegal substances. The court heard Healey, from Maesteg in South Wales, had no previous convictions.

In defence, Bernice Campbell said: “She’s a young woman who ruined her life.”

Ms Campbell described Healey as having an ‘indifferent’ attitude towards drugs, but said at the time she was going through a ‘low point’ in her life. She said it was a “terrible, terrible” disgrace to Healey and that she was only a “middleman” rather than being concerned with drug supplies.

The court heard how Healey has now ‘lost a promising career’ as an NHS healthcare support worker. She pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply at Chester Crown Court.

Jailing her for three years, Judge Steven Everett said: ‘Yes, she can put her head down. She’s not a naive young woman, is she? It shows that she is completely wrapped up in the drug culture and is very jaded about it.

“You can’t be both – a healthcare support worker and someone who’s involved in the supply of terrible class A drugs. And you chose the latter.”

Jan G. Gilbert